Justice and Compassion

What We Do

The Alliance Justice and Compassion exists to facilitate justice and compassion ministries of the C&MA. They help resource, network, and promote the local, national, and international ministries that seek to bring wholeness and well-being to people made vulnerable by circumstances of poverty, disaster, and injustice.

We invite you to participate with us in extending dignity and hope to people who live on the margins of society through the Justice and Compassion catalogue. This book is more than a guide to giving; it is an opportunity to learn, to pray, and to reflect on Scriptures that reflect God’s heart of compassion.


Our Ministries

Emergency Response

We cannot often predict where and when they will happen, but we know there are always new global emergencies waiting in the wings.


The Association of Alliance Chaplains (AAC) connects its members with one another as well as the districts and the National Ministry Centre.

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Refugee Sponsorship

Each year, millions of people around the world are forced to flee their homeland to escape persecution, war, or severe human rights abuses.

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Disability Ministries seeks to support and encourage the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the life and work of the church.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB)

The C&MA in Canada is one of the founding members and 15 denominations and church-based agencies of the CFGB since 1983.

Parish Nurse Ministries

Parish nurses provide health counselling and spiritual/pastoral care for people facing health challenges, and act as a liaison for medical advocacy.


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