At The Alliance Canada, we uphold biblical standards as the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability. In alignment with this commitment, we have established a Whistleblower Policy to foster an environment where employees and stakeholders feel empowered to raise concerns about serious wrongdoing internally.

What to report:

We encourage individuals to utilize the Whistleblower reporting line to report instances of serious wrongdoing, including but not limited to:

  • Abuse and misconduct
  • Illegal or harmful mismanagement
  • Egregious violation of law, policy, or regulations
  • Direct threat to public interest and/or safety

Handling Concerns:

Any concerns that do not meet the standards described above should be addressed internally. If resolution cannot be reached internally, individuals are advised to escalate the matter to the district office in their area or respective area and to international strategy directors for international workers.

Confidentiality and Protection:

The Whistleblower Policy ensures that concerns reported in good faith will be treated confidentially and without fear of reprisal, victimization, or discrimination. All reports are received by the National Advisor of Safe Ministry, who will handle them with utmost discretion.

Reporting Process:

To make a report, please fill out the form provided below. Your response and identity will remain confidential. It's important to note that submissions through this form are not stored or tracked by cmacan.org and are directly received by the national advisor.

Additional Support:

If you are unsure whether an issue constitutes serious wrongdoing as defined above or you need guidance on reporting, you may contact your District Office or the National Advisor of Safe Ministry at 416.674.7878 ext. 329.

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