Alliance Chaplains

Who We Are

The Association of Alliance Chaplains (AAC) connects its members with one another as well as the districts and the National Ministry Centre. The AAC provides professional and pastoral support, guidance and advocacy, and also promotes education and training.

Chaplains provide pastoral care in a wide variety of community and government organizations including healthcare, Corrections Canada, emergency services, Canadian Armed Forces, communities, corporates, campuses, and more. Whether chaplains are full-time professionals or part-time volunteers, they are connecting with the heart of the community in a way that is redemptive and intentional.

Guiding Documents
Hospital Chaplaincy

Our Team

Interested in connecting with the AAC team? Contact the point person in your district below.

National Coordinator
Contact: Don Neufeld
Tel: (403)265-7900

Canadian Pacific District (CPD)
Geographic Area: British Columbia and the Yukon
Contact: Carol Goh

Western Canadian District (WCD)
Geographic Area: Alberta and the Northwest Territories
Contact: Kris Knutson

Canadian Midwest District (CMD)
Geographic Area: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario west of the 90° meridian, and Nunavut
Contact: Richard Enns

Central Canadian District (CCD)
Geographic Area: Western Ontario
Contact: Janet Young

St. Lawrence District (SLD)
Geographic Area: Quebec
Contact: Don Neufeld

Eastern Canadian District (ECD)
Geographic Area: Eastern Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces
Contact: Alan Nikkel

Ambrose University Representative 
Contact: Ric Strangway