Report Sexual Misconduct

The Alliance Canada is committed to creating and ensuring safe environments for worship, witness, and work free from sexual misconduct and will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and child abuse by its licensed workers, (non-licensed) employees, contract workers, or volunteers in service to or with The Alliance Canada, its churches, congregations, districts, institutions, agencies, organizations, or other bodies that operate under its name.

Learn more about clergy sexual abuse.

Complaints of sexual misconduct will be taken seriously and investigated with integrity and fairness promptly and with concern for the wellbeing of complainants and other involved parties.  Information about allegations and complaints shall be kept confidential to the extent possible. Information obtained related to the allegations, including identifying information about any individuals involved, will not be disclosed unless disclosure is necessary to investigate the incident, take corrective action, or otherwise required by law.

If the individual experiencing clergy sexual abuse is a minor, it must be reported immediately to the police or child welfare authorities, as an incident of child abuse, as required by law.

To make a complaint regarding sexual misconduct, please fill out the contact form below. Your response and identity will remain confidential.  All complaints are received by the national advisor who will be in touch with you.

Please Note: Submissions of this form are not stored or tracked by and go directly to the national advisor.

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