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Global Emergency Response Fund (GERF)

Project Description

Current Special Responses:

Hurricane Relief

We will be supporting recovery efforts for hurricanes Fiona and Ian.

Ukraine Refugee Ministry

As of February 28, over two million Ukrainians have fled across the Polish border. In response to this urgent situation the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada has connected with The Church of Christ in Poland. As refugees from Ukraine flood into Poland, church buildings, church camps and private homes are being used to welcome them. Currently the Polish people are giving all they can to help. However there is a need for additional funding to supply food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Reverend Bill Finnemore, a former Alliance International Worker in Poland, is well connected with the leaders there and will be the liaison with this Polish national church. Bill received an email from one of our church leaders in which he wrote…

“It’s heartbreaking to see all the women with children crossing our border with only a few suitcases and coming in for the unknown. Our Mission through our churches is to comfort these people as much as we can with the resources we have.”

Ukraine Media Outreach Project

We are also working with the Warsaw North Church and the Polish Delta Media Foundation who are partnering with the Festival Group, a Polish television production company, to provide a channel dedicated to streaming in Ukrainian/Russian language programming that will provide social care/trauma care and gospel programming. This studio will be housed in the Warsaw North Church.