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Taiwan Chiayi Alliance Church Plant

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The majority of Minnan people in Taiwan do not know Jesus. These grassroots Taiwanese are separated from the upper and upper-middle class of society, by language, culture, and socio-economic factors. The Taiwan Chiayi Alliance Church Plant project seeks to provide start-up capital funds, as well as rental costs for the planting of Chiayi Alliance Church amongst the unreached people of central Taiwan.

The team currently lives in designated communities, building friendships and participating in community service projects. Relationships are built through small group ministries which include Bible study, prayer, fellowship, caring ministry, and outreach launched with interested individuals.

We believe that God chooses the local church to reflect his glory in communities of darkness. Through this church planting initiative and in partnership with the national church, we pray that this will be a catalyst to see a disciple-making movement reaching the Minnan people for Christ. Thank you for joining in this journey.