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Lorne and Kathy-Lu White

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Spice Region

Current Priorities

We are using friendships, community service in schools, visiting at the nursing home, and church events to help people come to a knowledge that Jesus is a God unlike any of the other objects of worship in their lives. When possible we involve partners, including people overseas. Involvement includes praying, giving, and coming short-term to accomplish the task. Through the telling of Bible Stories, being a listening ear, and using our lives to testify to the difference Christ makes, we are prayerfully looking for opportunities to share about Jesus. Our goal is to make disciples who will do this through their own lives. We are far from perfect, but keep asking Christ to fill us, making His glory and grace shine out through us.

Least-Reached People Group

We work with the working class in Taiwan.


LORD, for Your glory, grow reproducing communities of disciples, transformed by Christ, transforming working class Taiwan and the world. 『主阿,為了袮得榮耀,求袮成立被基督更新並不斷的增長的門徒群體,以及更新台灣的基層階級以及世界.』


Lorne and Kathy-Lu were both born in Vancouver, British Columbia. They met at Tenth Avenue Alliance Church while Lorne was attending university. Lorne invited Christ to be his Saviour at a young age. He sensed God preparing him for cross-cultural work in his early teens. She felt God calling her to take up the cross-cultural challenge while on a short-term trip.

The sense that God was leading them in a similar direction was one of the confirmations that God was drawing them together as a couple. They were assigned to serve in Taiwan in August 1990.


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Prayer Requests

Pray that God will push back the darkness, helping people overcome pressure from those around them, so that they can hear and understand the message of God’s love.

Pray that God will release those held captive by addictions, helping them to find freedom in Christ.

Pray also for wisdom to know how to share the good news about Jesus with people of every generation, reaching everyone from the young children to the elderly.