What does “Marketplace” mean?

January 15, 2021 | 2 minute read


Words create worlds.”  

I unpack this phrase every time I facilitate a group because during a discussion it will become evident that what one person assumes about a word, is not the same as another. A person’s history and experience will colour their perception of word or concept and alter the meaning.  

Let’s unpack this word Marketplace. The Alliance is using this word to describe an added dimension to our global mission focus.  

What is the Marketplace? 

Marketplace refers to the places and spaces where we live our vocational lives, whether in Canada or in another country. Generally, it refers to all the places where we live and work—the places we are in regular interaction with people. These are the places where we do our “works of service”; where our impact is felt by the world. 

The Bible contains many stories about how God’s purposes have been played out across the marketplace spaceGardeners and slaves, kings and officials, carpenters and teachers, fishermen and taxmenare all Biblical examples of roles through which God’s redemptive purposes were accomplished. The clear implication is that God’s Kingdom is meant to have influence on all people, in all placesthrough all professions. 

The Alliance has a pathway for people to use their profession anywhere in the Marketplaces of the world as representatives of God’s Kingdom. 

Who can be engaged in the Marketplace? 


Think you can’t contribute? Think again. 

Your work is your ministry. Your ministry is your work.  

In whatever you do in your life and work, you are to do it for the glory of God (Colossians 3:17). You can do that confidently because you are already God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do the good things He planned for you long ago (Ephesians 2:10).  

We are ready to come alongside you to help you find a place for your profession in the global Marketplace.  

Marketplace members find employment abroad and are financially supported through their own salary. Through partnerships such as Scatter Global and via your incorporation onto our global teams, the Alliance provides community, coaching, and care to help you navigate working abroad and bringing the hope of Jesus to the space where you live and work 

If you are ready to live your life in the Marketplace where few or none have encountered the abundant life Jesus offers, we want to come alongside you to help prepare you and coach you. 

Why is the Alliance adding a focus on Marketplace?? 

It is not because our current means of sending is wrong. It is because it is limited.  

Funding and sending a full-time international worker to support the development of an indigenous ministry or pioneer ways to bring the holistic Gospel of Jesus to marginalized peoples is still worth it. We will continue to do that. But it is increasingly expensive, and countries are increasingly closing.  

However, because of our global economy there is tremendous mobility for many professions. As a result, they can access many marketplaces and be the presence of Christ to multiple sectors of that society. In some ways, international employment is fuel for limitless sending. 

This isn’t new to Christianity. It’s the sending agency – like ours – that is relatively new. For the majority of Christian (and pre-Christian) history, the Kingdom of God has been spread by people who, as they were going about their work, brought the ways and means and message of Christ into those places.  

We are laying tracks to help accelerate this way of bringing Christ to the nations. You are invited to take who you are and what you do and use it for God’s glory among those who have yet to meet Jesus. 

Find out more on our webpage at https://thealliancecanada.ca/go/#marketplace



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