Ukrainian Relief Update October 2022

October 4, 2022 | 2 minute read
The Alliance Canada

Ukrainian Refugees in language class.

We continue to partner with Good Works Mission (Dobro Czynić in Polish) a Christian Relief and Development organization in Poland.  As of July, the following are initiatives that they are overseeing and implementing with funding we are contributing:

  • Serving 18 churches who are hosting groups of Ukrainian guests in addition to hundreds of private homes hosting as well.
    • A large food distribution centre has been opened to supplement private homes hosting refugees.
    • The distribution centre is also used to store and move large quantities of food to Ukraine.
      • We have another large shipment of food going to Ukraine in October.
    • Providing food parcels, clothing, hygiene, and other supplies to Ukrainians.
      • Used clothing centres for distribution.
    • 10 children’s centers have been opened for Ukrainian children.
      • Providing supplies and food.
      • So far 5000 gift bags for children have been distributed that include gospel literature and a book specifically for kids having come out of military conflict.
      • 20 kids outreach festivals have been held.
    • Day spa for women for when kids are at the Centres. (E.g. Hair cuts available at no cost.)
    • Translation equipment for church services.
    • Churches are providing a drop-in centre with photocopy machines and supplies for refugees requiring copies of documentation to register at the Consulate.
    • 3 language schools and job placement centers have been opened and are functioning to serve Ukrainians who want to learn Polish in order to find better jobs.
    • There are plans to start a community kitchen for Ukrainian women to cook and to train women to prepare meals for others. We are awaiting the budget for furniture and equipment and other start-up needs for this initiative.

Here is a link to a video that highlights some of these things explained by the Director of Dobro Czynić and a pastor from the Warsaw South Church, introduced by Bill Finnimore:





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