Four video updates on our Ukraine response

March 15, 2022 | < 1 minute read
Eric Crow

Bill in Ostruda. He's speaking with the director of a refugee camp, standing in front of a domitory for refugees from Ukraine..

Watch a few video updates from Poland as Bill Finnemore explains our response to the growing number of refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Update #1

Update #2

Update #3

Update #4




Eric Crow

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  1. Good Morning. Our Church, Quinte Alliance Church in Belleville, has been praying for the situation in the Ukraine. Personally the updates from Rev. Bill Finnemore were helpful in knowing how to pray specifically for the refugees and those who are trying to assist them. Bill had spoken at our Church a number of years ago and I met up with him again in Ottawa as we had directed some friends to his church when they moved to that area. He probably would not remember my wife and I but we had lunch with him in Belleville and interested in his past ministry and what he was going to be doing in Ottawa. Our Church is holding a Day of Prayer today, April 27th and I will be attending an Elders meeting next week where we will spending most of the meeting in prayer. I am looking for contact information for Bill as I have been praying for him specifically and thought that he could possibly share some things that are in his immediate circle of concerns that I could ask our church to pray for. Thank You. Bruce Post

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