Sharing Jesus in Northern Senegal—a Jaffray Project update.

May 4, 2022 | 2 minute read
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For many Fulani, the experience of compassionate medical care is the beginning of a conversation about Jesus.

Sharon is an international worker who has been serving among the Fulani people of Senegal for the past six years. Along the way, she and her team developed an amazing relationship with a local Christian doctor who was using his medical training to share the love of Christ with many people. When the doctor passed suddenly, it was a shock to the community. He had recently established a new permanent location for his medical clinic and just two weeks earlier had repaired an important ultrasound machine.

Because of Sharon’s existing relationship with the doctor, she and her team travelled to the funeral. They were able to be an important source of consolation to many grieving friends and family as they mourned the loss of their spiritual father. But that very night, Sharon witnessed God at work—those present expressed a desire for wider partnerships to bring the Gospel to the Fulani. God seemed to inspire a shared desire to honour the doctor’s legacy and continue his vision to reach underserved populations in the far reaches of Senegal with compassionate physical and spiritual care.

The continued ministry of this small health clinic has yielded countless inspiring stories. One is of a young boy who had been confined to his bed for over eight months because of a badly broken foot. His family had started to despair and prepare themselves that he might even pass away. A local worker sent out an appeal, and Sharon’s team was able to ensure that this boy and his father could seek help at a local Christian hospital in a larger city. He received treatment there and was healed. The boy and his father returned to the village, and the boy has learned to walk again! The boy’s healing is a testimony to the community that Jesus cares for them and Sharon and the team continue to pray that it inspires many to trust in Jesus.

Thanks to the support of The Jaffray Project, Sharon and her team continue to partner with others so that this medical clinic can flourish as a testimony and witness to the love of Jesus to the Fulani people of Senegal.

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