Sharing Jesus in Mexico—a Jaffray Project update.

May 5, 2022 | 2 minute read
The Alliance Canada

A close up shot of a colourful Huichol bead pattern
The Huichol are a people indigenous to Mexico who have worked hard to preserve their unique cultural identity for hundreds of years. When a Huichol person decides to follow Jesus, it usually costs them their land, friendships, livestock, livelihood, and—at times—even their family.

Heather has been developing relationships with Huichol people for some time as an international worker. During the pandemic, part of her team’s response was to develop a seed bank as a healthy source of native seeds for farming and a much-needed education centre. The Huichol community also began to ask for medicine.

One person in need of medicine was a man named Aurelio. Aurelio was well known in the community for persecuting those who gave their lives to Jesus. When the team delivered a box of pills to his home, they told him again about Jesus and prayed for him.

Recently, Heather received a call that Aurelio had passed away. On the call, she learned that Aurelio gave his life to Jesus just before passing away! His whole family also put their trust in Jesus, and two of his daughters have been very vocal in the community about their decision to follow Jesus.

Seeing a man like Aurelio transform from a persecutor of Christians to a friend of Jesus, Heather is inspired by the wonder in sharing the Gospel faithfully with people who may seem closed. “In these difficult days of the pandemic,” she says, “God is moving, and we pray for salvation and abundant life to come in full to this community.”

While Mexico is nation where 11% identify as evangelical Christian, the are people groups, like the Huichol, who still need the faithful presence of people like Heather to experience the love of Jesus. The Jaffray Project helps fund international workers like Heather and her team—would you prayerfully partner with us so that people like Aurelio would give their life to Jesus?

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