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October 16, 2023 | < 1
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Pari* was born and raised in a godly family. Since childhood, she dutifully participated in religious activities but there was a big gap between what she practiced and how she lived.

Her parents were faithful to encourage and stand by her as she learned to choose between right and wrong. As the years passed, Pari began to treasure the words of God and the wisdom of her parents.

She heard about a discipleship training centre for women through our partner and graduated in 2018 with many new goals for her life. After she began walking more closely with the Lord, Pari became burdened for the underprivileged people in her community, especially women and children.

After returning from the training centre, Pari began gathering with the women and children in her village and teaching them hygiene lessons as well as sharing stories from the Bible. Over the past few years, she has touched the lives of many, helping them to realize how loved they are, and that there is an eternal hope and plan for their lives.

When schools were shut down during the pandemic, Pari worked together with other like-minded women in the region to organize safe and fun gatherings for groups of children. She is now leading a regular women’s gathering in her village where more than 30 women come regularly for wisdom and guidance.

This story is from our partner in South Asia and is representative of the stories from church planting students who attend the training centres. Our partner is one of the ways we’re rethinking missions in South Asia and you can learn more or support the work here.



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