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October 23, 2023 | < 1
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Born and raised by parents who are believers, Jogda* has known the Lord personally from a very young age and has always enjoyed serving the people around her. Her father is an field worker with our partner, and they often travel to nearby villages to share the life-transforming message of peace and joy found in Jesus.

Last year, while studying at our partner’s training centre, she felt called to invest in the lives of local indigenous children. She decided to return to her native village. The people of her village are mostly illiterate and live in desperate hunger and poverty. Jogda decided to start small gatherings for them in her home and today, 55 people attend these gatherings. They receive practical teaching about health and good hygiene as well as learning about the good news of Jesus.

Last month, Jogda and her father arranged a gathering where 510 children from six different villages heard about Jesus for the first time. Jogda and her father have also started working with adults by offering regular prayer meetings and literacy classes.

Many families in these once forsaken villages are now experiencing peace and joy in their lives.

This story is from our partner in South Asia and is representative of the stories from church planting students who attend the training centres. Our partner is one of the ways we’re rethinking missions in South Asia and you can learn more or support the work here.



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