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October 9, 2023 | < 1
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Asian village seen from a river

Machetes swung wildly and churches and buildings were being burned to the ground. People were screaming, “Leave now or die!” This was the story of Ivaan’s* life ten years ago.

However, Ivaan wasn’t the one experiencing persecution; he was the one shouting threats and causing harm. It’s obvious that today he is sad about the pain he caused during the previous chapter of his life. “But Jesus set me free!” he rejoices.

Since he came to a life of hope, he has started nine gatherings and encouraged and raised up many young leaders.

Like the Apostle Paul, Ivaan’s testimony is a powerful glimpse of the Lord’s saving grace.“I am so grateful that the Lord loved me enough to not give up on me even when I acted so badly,” Ivaan says. “How could I not give my life to telling others of the Lord’s amazing love?”

This story is from our partner in South Asia and is representative of the stories from church planting students who attend the training centres. Our partner is one of the ways we’re rethinking missions in South Asia and you can learn more or support the work here.




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