Be Your Professional Self

March 28, 2023 | < 1


You do not need to become someone or something to effect change in this world.

You do not need to take on the persona/training of a ‘missionary’ to be on mission.

You are who you are by God’s design.

By God’s design, you are where you are – vocationally and geographically.

God has placed each human being in a historical, geographical, and even vocational context so that they would seek and find him (Read and reflect on Acts 17:26-27). That’s an amazing truth which gives purpose to your vocation and meaning to your location. By God’s design, you took on a role, chose a career, and located a place to live so that others would encounter God through your life. That’s amazing and humbling.

This is why The Alliance Canada has this pathway called Marketplace, specifically designed for those with a profession that can be taken internationally. If you have the opportunity and desire to work anywhere in the world, first know that God is in it. Secondly, know that The Alliance Canada has a support system that enables you to be a disciple-maker no matter where you work and live internationally.

So, be yourself and be part of a global movement of people who are being their professional selves. As followers of Christ, they are part of God’s design to help people worldwide encounter Christ and the abundant life he provides.

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