A Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer | Week 2

May 23, 2022 | 8 minute read
The Alliance Canada

Week 2: A Journey Through the Alliance Vision Prayer

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Week 2

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O God, with all our hearts, we long for you. Come, transform us to be Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused people, multiplying disciples everywhere.

Day 1

Bible Readings:

Nehemiah 2:1118

Reflection Questions:

  • How open is your heart to the coming of God and his Kingdom? Is there any part of you that is not ready to invite his presence?
  • How might the Lord want you to pray, and where might he want you to step into someone’s story?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That the Spirit would show you where he wants you to intercede for your family, your church, and our country.
  • Invite God into the brokenness that he’s identified to you to do the redeeming, restoring work only he can do. Invite him to be more present in your thoughts and choices today so you can be more present to others.
  • That the North Africans in Spain would recognize their need for Jesus and invite him into their story.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how do you want to come into my story? How do you want to use me to bring your presence into the story of someone else?

North Africans in Spain:

Many North Africans have moved to Spain. The province of Barcelona has a large Muslim population of 135,000. In one international worker’s town, 10% of the population is from North Africa—of whom 1% are believers with no local fellowship.
Our international workers in Spain regularly share gospel stories with them. Some have begun to join weekly prayer and worship meetings. In that town, the people are mainly Berbers and Arabs, who enjoy Chinese tea with mint and lots of sugar. They are incredibly hospitable people, and a visit can stretch over two or three meals.
More than 325,000 North Africans live in Canada.

Pray with us:

Father, we bless North Africans with hope and a future! We pray that many will know your goodness. We declare your sovereignty over the nations, and we bless them with the everlasting hope that changes everything.
Thank you for marking out their appointed times in history so that they would find you. Father, as North Africans travel and meet people, would you set people who know you in their path. We pray that your people would offer hope to North Africans. We ask that we feel your tender heart and compassion for them. Amen.

Day 2

Bible Readings:

2 Samuel 6:1223; 2 Timothy 4:68

Reflection Questions:

  • How are you inviting the presence of God to come daily in your life and ministry?
  • How are you fighting the good fight in such a way that shows your longing for his appearance?
  • Does the joy of God’s presence cause you to celebrate?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That we would sacrifice whatever it takes not to hinder the presence of God from dwelling among us.
  • That our longing for the Coming King to appear would compel us to sacrificial action on behalf of others.
  • That we would pour out our lives to prepare the nations, including the Tajik, for his coming.
  • That we would regularly experience his coming among us in such a way that would fill us with great joy.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, are there any sacrifices you are calling me to make to prepare the way for your coming?
  • What is one step that you are calling me to take today?


The Tajik make up 84% of Tajikistan’s population, 25% of Afghanistan’s, and 5% of Uzbekistan’s. There are 18-25 million Tajiks globally. 98% of Tajiks are Muslim, and less than 0.01% are believers. There are only a few local fellowships and house churches among them.

The international workers introduce Jesus to Tajiks by first sharing the stories that Islam and Christianity share: Creation, the Fall, Abraham, Noah, and Moses. Family roots are deep. Obedience and submission to the family keep people from following Jesus openly.

Tajiks are renowned for their generous and welcoming hospitality. They seat their guests in places of honour, furthest away from the door, feeding their guests first and their children last. About 1 million Tajiks work abroad, primarily in Russia, to send remittances to families. Approximately 2,400 Tajiks call Canada home.

Pray with us:

Jesus, we thank you that you are the way, the truth, and the life. We bless the Tajik to know the truth and for the truth to set them free. May they know freedom from all shame as they receive your forgiveness. As they come to know you, Jesus, bless them with honesty and purity in their innermost being. Would you call them to the identity of children of God in harmony with the Creator? Would you satisfy their inborn desires for a love relationship with you? Revive their longings for all that is good and satisfy them with rest. We ask that you bless Tajiks with the peace of a secure identity in you. Amen.

Image of a Tajik woman pouring a cup of tea from a colourful, ornate teapot.

Day 3

Bible Readings:

Ezekiel 37:114; John 20:1923

Reflection Questions:

  • What are the dry bones in your life, or church, that need a fresh visitation of the breath of the Spirit? What might your role be in prophesying to the breath?
  • Are there places of fear in your life that need to experience the peace of Jesus?
  • Who might Jesus be sending you as the Father sent him?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That the presence of Jesus would bring us great peace, even when we face fearful circumstances.
  • Pray for the breath of the Spirit to fill those who are discouraged and whose hope is gone.
  • That the breath of the Spirit would empower our international workers to bring the forgiveness of Jesus to the Sunda.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how are you calling me to bring your transformational breath of healing to the world?
  • What hope do you have for me in my brokenness?


The majority of Sunda live in Indonesia, and their culture is rich with celebrations of life cycle ceremonies. They are the largest least-reached people group in Indonesia. Of the 38 million Sunda, only 0.05% are evangelical Christian. Most Sunda are devoted followers of Islam, with many added traditional customs. Historically, they have been unreceptive to the Gospel, though the Spirit is moving in new ways!

Pray with us:

Holy Spirit, we ask that you breathe your life into the hearts of our Sunda friends. We prophesy to the dry bones and call them to come alive!

Thank you for these ripe harvest fields! Please bless them by sending out more workers. May the Sunda hear the Good News with soft hearts to receive your message. Bless the believers among them with fellowship, and multiply your work among these people. Lord, pour out your Spirit! Amen.

A young Sunda girl wearing an head scarf, looking off camera to the right.

Day 4

Bible Readings:

Exodus 33:1223; Acts 4:2331

Reflection Questions:

  • How are you seeking after the presence of God to empower you for the mission he has given you?
  • How does God’s presence in you distinguish you from others?
  • Are you desperate for God to show you his glory, to stretch out his hand to heal, and to enable you to speak his Word boldly? Do you ask for this regularly?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That the places where we meet for prayer would be shaken with God’s presence.
  • That we would all be filled with the Holy Spirit and enabled to speak the Word of God boldly.
  • That we would never go anywhere without the presence of God leading the way.
  • That the Kurds would see the beautiful presence of Jesus distinguishing his people in such a way that they would desire to follow Jesus as well.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, are there ways I have been settling for less than the fullness of your Holy Spirit in my life?
  • How can I cultivate a greater longing for your presence?


The traditional homeland of Kurds spreads across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. With a worldwide population estimated between 30 – 45 million people, the Kurds are the largest people group in the world without a state. They have a popular saying that “the Kurds have no friends but the mountains.”

Kurds are somewhat receptive to the Gospel, yet only about 1% are Christian; most are Muslim. They are known as being tremendously hospitable and friendly. They have vibrant traditions of telling stories through songs. Kurds are also known to be fiercely independent and patriotic. Their society is strongly communal and is arranged according to tribes.

Many Kurds seek a better life in western Europe, North America, and Australia. About 7,400 live in Canada.

Pray with us:

Heavenly Father, we pray that Kurds would receive the friendship of God and know Jesus. Bless them by giving them faithful Christian friends and continue to grant them revelations of Jesus in miraculous ways.  We pray Hosea 2:23 over them that you would call them your people and be their God.

Bless them to discern what is true and be dissatisfied with anything false.

May Kurds come to be your people and spread your fame. Bless them by meeting them in their needs, as they to call upon you for help. Amen.

Two Kurdish fishermen standing in a boat on shoals of a body of water.

Day 5

Bible Readings:

2 Chronicles 20:122; 2 Kings 19:1419, 3537

Reflection Questions:

  • Are there battles you face alone that you need to invite God to fight for you?
  • Is there anything you need to spread out before the Lord for his divine intervention?
  • When you feel overwhelmed by challenges—or waiting for God to answer prayer—are you quick to worship or fear?
  • How might those challenges be an invitation to trust?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That our first instinct when trouble strikes would be to humble ourselves and cry out for God’s intervention.
  • That God would use impossible situations to grow our faith and reveal his glory to us and the world.
  • That God would come and deliver us from everything that seeks to steal our joy and our effectiveness in extending the Kingdom of God.
  • That God would intervene to win the great spiritual battle and bring true freedom to the Western Fulani.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, what divine solution do you want me to trust you for in prayer today confidently?

Western Fulani:

Most of Niger’s Western Fulani are poor, illiterate, rural animal herders marginalized by neighbouring people groups. While most Fulani are no longer nomadic, they still take pride in their cultural history. In some villages, the young men travel hundreds of kilometres on foot every year, leading their cattle to pasture and water.

Fulani values include hospitality, patience, reserve (stoicism), and respect. They practice folk Islam, and their life is guided by an unwritten but extensive system of rules that dictate family, social, and religious interactions.

Of a population of 1.2 million Fulani in Western Niger and 2.5 million globally, the percentage of evangelical believers is only 0.01%. Some Western Fulani live in the city attend church. There are a few small fellowships that a national believer is leading. About 5,000 Fulani live in Canada, but they are primarily from other countries, not Niger.

Pray with us:

Father, we bless the nomadic Fulani, those wandering in desert wastelands to be led by a straight way and be gathered in. We bless those living in bondage to fear and religion brought forth from darkness and the shadow of death.

Deliver them from the distress of their sinful ways and heal their afflictions. May they cry out to the Lord so that the thirsty ground of their hearts would be turned into pools of water. Bless them that they would be wise and attend to the Word of the Lord. Bless the Fulani to sing praises of your steadfast love forever! Amen.

Image of a Fulani woman standing in traditional dress, looking off camera to the left.

Day 6

Bible Readings:

2 Chron. 7:116; Exodus 19:919; 1 John 3:13

Reflection Questions:

  • How might God be calling you to prepare yourself for a fresh visitation of his presence?
  • Are there any unconsecrated areas of your life that the Spirit is prompting you to surrender to him so that you can be pure as he is pure?
  • How willing are you for the extraordinary glory of God to interrupt your plans?
  • Do you long for his visitation?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That all of us would humble ourselves, pray, seek his face, and turn from our wicked ways so that God would forgive our sins and heal our land.
  • That our longing and hope for his coming would compel us to purify ourselves to be like him and prepare.
  • That each people group we’ve prayed for this week (North Africans in Spain, Tajik, Sunda, Kurds, Western Fulani) would know the joy of the Father’s great love being lavished upon them as they turn to him in faith.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, is anything hindering the full glory of your presence from filling my life and church?
  • How can I prepare the way for your presence?




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