21 Days of Prayer | Day 19: North Africans in Spain

February 19, 2024 | < 1
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North Africans in Spain

Many North Africans have moved to Spain. The province of Barcelona has a large Muslim population of 135,000. In one international worker’s town, 10% of the population is from North Africa—of whom 1% are believers with no local fellowship.

Our international workers in Spain regularly share gospel stories with them. Some have begun to join weekly prayer and worship meetings. In that town, the people are mainly Berbers and Arabs, who enjoy Chinese tea with mint and lots of sugar. They are incredibly hospitable people, and a visit can stretch over two or three meals.

More than 325,000 North Africans live in Canada.


Father, we bless North Africans with hope and a future! We pray that many will know your goodness. We declare your sovereignty over the nations, and we bless them with the everlasting hope that changes everything.

Thank you for marking out their appointed times in history so that they would find you. Father, as North Africans travel and meet people, would you set people who know you in their path. We pray that your people would offer hope to North Africans. We ask that we feel your tender heart and compassion for them. Amen.


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