21 Days of Prayer | Day 14: Western Fulani

February 14, 2024 | < 1
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Western Fulani

Most of Niger’s Western Fulani are poor, illiterate, rural animal herders marginalized by neighbouring people groups. While most Fulani are no longer nomadic, they still take pride in their cultural history. In some villages, the young men travel hundreds of kilometres on foot every year, leading their cattle to pasture and water.

Fulani values include hospitality, patience, reserve (stoicism), and respect. They practice folk Islam, and their life is guided by an unwritten but extensive system of rules that dictate family, social, and religious interactions.

Of a population of 1.2 million Fulani in Western Niger and 2.5 million globally, the percentage of evangelical believers is only 0.01%. Some Western Fulani live in the city attend church. There are a few small fellowships that a national believer is leading. About 5,000 Fulani live in Canada, but they are primarily from other countries, not Niger.


Father, we bless the nomadic Fulani, those wandering in desert wastelands to be led by a straight way and be gathered in. We bless those living in bondage to fear and religion brought forth from darkness and the shadow of death.

Deliver them from the distress of their sinful ways and heal their afflictions. May they cry out to the Lord so that the thirsty ground of their hearts would be turned into pools of water. Bless them that they would be wise and attend to the Word of the Lord. Bless the Fulani to sing praises of your steadfast love forever! Amen.


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