2023 Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit

May 1, 2023 | < 1
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On May 3-5 Defend Dignity will host the 2023 Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit online! Bringing together more than 60 expert speakers, dozens of sessions, opportunities for youth, and more, CSES 2023 is designed to equip and inspire Canadians to fight sexual exploitation in their homes, schools, and churches. It’s also free to attend!

Sexual exploitation issues can affect anyone. From the grooming and luring of kids through social media, the rise in online “sexploitation” of teens, the harms of increasing pornography use in our society, and more, these issues are relevant to churches and families across Canada.

In keeping with their summit theme Inspire Change, Defend Dignity wants to inspire you and your congregation to learn about these issues! They’ve hand-picked a list of sessions they feel are most relevant for churches. Check them out here.

Youth leaders will also want to check out the inaugural Youth Day happening May 3 for students aged 14-18! The day intended for group viewing will be recorded so if the times listed are not possible, you can still register and receive the recorded event.

Visit the summit website to learn more about the 2023 Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit.




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