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The Alliance Canada
July 22, 2020 | < 1 minute read


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These governing documents are to be accepted and implemented by The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, its districts, churches, workers, and members of local churches.




The Alliance Canada

The Alliance Canada is people in churches sharing the love, truth, and hope of the Gospel with people worldwide who may never have heard the name “Jesus” before.

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  1. My name is Jerry Tot. I am researching church policies on two topics of great interest to me: 1. Harassment Policy and the means established to deal with interpersonal issues and confrontations according to Scripture, without ciscriminatin and in love, and 2. The church’s position on men and women in leadership, with any clarificatin on the distinctions made in ‘egalitarian’ and ‘complementarian’ understandings.

    I note your document on men and women in ministry does not go into detail on the two understandings, even though the document says an explanation follows…

    Can you provide any assistance.

  2. I would like to cancel my membership with my local Alliance church so that I can join another fellowship. How do I go about it?

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