Reporting Abuse

The Alliance Canada (C&MA), as a body of believers, recognizes that those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ must strive to live according to the teachings of the Bible, the Word of God, which establishes moral standards for life and conduct. The instructions and standards of both the Old and New Testaments characterize sexual immorality as sin and not to be tolerated within the body of believers. Furthermore, believers are instructed to care for the needs of those who are weak, vulnerable, or unable to care for themselves; to provide care and healing to victims of neglect and abuse, and to strive to bring offending persons to justice and repentance.

The C&MA grieves deeply for anyone who has suffered physical or sexual abuse from a Christian leader. As an organization, we commit to dismantling and speaking out against any form of oppression and abuse and creating a safe space for victims of such abuse to come forward, share their stories, and be taken seriously.

The Alliance Canada recognizes that clergy sexual abuse is an issue in the Christian church and takes this matter seriously.  Clergy sexual abuse will not be tolerated in The Alliance Canada.