Women in Leadership Collective

Who We Are

The Women in Leadership Collective (WLC) is a community of women and men passionate about connecting women leaders with opportunities to be celebrated, empowered, and equipped. It is our desire to help women leaders connected to the Alliance family be encouraged, overcome barriers, and find the resources they need to thrive wherever God calls them to serve.

Vision: Our vision is to see Alliance women and their gifts championed and included in God’s redemptive work.

The Women in Leadership Collective officially launched at Assembly 2022. Scroll down to watch our sessions!



The Women in Leadership Collective is committed to holding these values:

  1. On Mission: We have a passion to see Alliance women, "as part of the whole people of God", empowered to follow their call "for the sake of multiplying disciples everywhere."
  2. Creative Collaboration: We pursue thoughtful and creative collaboration with our partners, including National and District Leadership. 
  3. Grace-filled Posture: We embrace a posture of grace toward others who hold a range of perspectives on the scriptural understanding of women's leadership as we fulfill our mission to celebrate, empower, and equip women in leadership. 
  4. Diversity of Voices: We view diversity as essential to serve women of all experiences and perspectives, enriching our ability to grow and serve.
  5. Sustainable Models: We invest in sustainable models of leadership development where women and men are continually invited to thrive in partnership

The Team

Mardi Dolfo-Smith
Cynthia Tam
Ruth Shareski

Sonia Friesen

Wendy Lowe
Joanne Beach
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