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Sensing God’s call as a young girl, Rhnd completed Bible school and a year in the Philippines with a student ministry. After serving in various ministries in Canada and completing her master’s program, she returned to the Philippines for another 17 years to teach at a Bible school, sponsor education for children and youth, teach English, learn about community development, and run a livelihood business.

This experience led her to a team who partnered with friends learning Values of Peace with the Peace Generation program and studying Scriptures together in the Southern part of the Philippines. Rhnd has also spent a great deal of time building friendships through learning the new languages, cultures and other religions of her neighbours and finding common interests such as education, small business, and crafts.

As Rhnd followed opportunities, training, and friendships, the Lord has led her to love people He loves—the marginalized, the poor, immigrants, under-skilled, now her neighbours in Southern Thailand.  She hopes to encourage a Peace Generation there as well.

As an IW, Rhnd loves the challenge of rediscovering the Gospel in an ever-changing context. She loves travelling to visit, mentor, encourage students and friends.  She enjoys playing with children, making new friends, walking and exploring God’s at creation work – sunrises and sunsets are among her favourite.

You can support Rhnd through financial support and participating in educational events.

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