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Project Description

Lighthouse Communities is an emerging initiative in Kelowna, BC.

The vision of Cameron and Leigh Stutters, and Lighthouse Communities, is to see God’s Kingdom come through a network of households on mission. This looks like Jesus followers who share life with others, operate as “extended family,” focus on a local neighborhood, and invite people with no knowledge of God to experience His love. Lighthouse Communities exists to shine the light of Jesus throughout the Okanagan Valley and to find people who do not know the Heavenly Father (Matt 5:16, Luke 15:4).

In partnership with their home church, Mission Creek Alliance, the Stutters family feels compelled to create this non-traditional gospel expression. Cameron and Leigh are passionate about building relationships, empowering people, and connecting with those unfamiliar with Jesus. They do this by living out “family on mission.”  This means doing life together as a family (blood and non-blood relations), being spiritual parents to raise up and multiply households, eating meals with an open dinner table, and joining God in His redemptive mission.