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International Workers

Current Priorities

Kris is currently working on home assignment in the Midwest District, with the plan of returning overseas in the summer of 2022. She is unsure exactly what her role there will look like but will be in the unique position to relate to young widows and single mothers intimately. Areas she has been involved in include work in childbirth education and lactation consulting, providing doula care, and offering English tutoring. Building relationships with the local women and shining the light of Jesus is a priority.

Least-Reached People Group

North African Arabs


Develop friendships with the local people and, through spiritual conversations, introduce them to the redemptive story of Jesus Christ. We long to see a movement amongst our LRPG of Jesus followers who are Christ‐centred, Spirit-empowered, and Mission‐focused.



Kris is originally from Idaho, where she gave her life to Christ at a young age, growing up in a Christian home. After marrying Darcy, Kris moved to Canada, and they began their life together, which included being actively involved at their local church in Winnipeg.

After living in Winnipeg for almost 20 years and through a series of short-term missions trips, Kris and Darcy sensed a call in their life for overseas ministry, and they moved to North Africa in 2015 with their four children. During their 5th year there, in February 2020, Darcy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. A few months later, Kris moved back to Winnipeg with their two youngest children while their two oldest transitioned to Calgary to attend Ambrose.

Since then, Kris has spent the time in Canada learning to live life as a single woman and mother, mourning Darcy and working through grief. While the enormous loss that Darcy’s death caused continues to be felt, Kris’ passion for the LRPG of Northern Africa has not diminished, and during this time, God has continued to affirm the call He had placed on her life years before.


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Prayer Requests

Pray that the N. African Arab people would have dreams & visions and that their hearts would be softened to the Good News.

Pray for our team to strengthen each other and build each other up.

Pray for my children as they attend their international school and for my two adult kids back in Canada.