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Project Description

Our on-the-ground engagement in the work Senegal was launched in 2016. Through this impactful project, the team envisions groups of Christ-followers being formed and equipped towards healthy mature expressions of church lived out in their cultural context. To accomplish this, different methods and strategies will be implemented.

Your participation in this project is vital as we seek to bring the Fulani peoples into access to Jesus in the following ways:

  • Support the important Bible translation work into the local Pulaar dialet
  • Help provide scholarship assistance for young Fulani students so they can further their education
  • Assist with the professional development and training of medical personnel connected with Galle Kisal, a hospital in Dahra, with an outreach to Futa-Tooro peoples.
  • Establish a place of refuge for people who turn to Christ from the majority religion and need a place of shelter and refuge because of persecution from family or their community.


Thank you for joining the ministry to reach the Fulani of Senegal for Christ.