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Hope for the Broken-hearted is designed to give hope to those who have lost everything—their homes, their culture, their dignity and often their lives. In a world torn apart by conflict and religious factions, the love of Christ emerges in sharp contrast. The desire of the team is to present Jesus to the least-reached-people group in the region and to see an indigenous church established.

Among this people group, there is only a handful of confirmed believers. Their remote villages and ethnic religion have resulted in isolation. Due to the crisis that began in 2014, many now live in internally displaced camps and for the first time in history, a significant number have access and opportunity to encounter Christ-followers.

By living incarnationally, the team is able to build relationships and is given the opportunity to share Christ in tangible ways through acts of compassion and words of truth. The team is also developing opportunities to provide training in simple life skills such as sewing, construction, and repair work so they can thrive when they return to rebuild their towns and villages.