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To be Christ’s hands and feet to the marginalized and victims of the world we live and work in.

Glen and Kathy met in the 1980s while Kathy worked for Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA) and Glen volunteered with refugee work in Southeast Asia. They have served together in Asia more than 20 years, which is where they raised their two adult children.

Glen was raised in a Christian home in BC. He gave his life to Christ early in life. In his late teens, Glen committed himself to God and His service. In his mid-twenties, Glen volunteered with CAMA in a refugee camp, thinking it would only be a few weeks. This volunteer work turned into a few years and then a lifetime with the C&MA. Glen and Kathy were married in 1992 and continue to serve Christ in Southeast Asia.

Glen was unsure of God’s leading in his life until he served internationally as a volunteer in refugee work. Through these years, the Lord caused him to clearly understand that his calling was to serve internationally.

Glen and Kathy minister through entrepreneurship, living out their faith holistically. They work with Buddhists and animists from a wide range of people groups and ethnicities.

They have been blessed with the privilege of running their own businesses that sustain their family and give them huge opportunities to live their lives with the goal of being Christ’s hands and feet. They work with and employ the disadvantaged, marginalized, victimized, and people who have made some bad choices in life.

Glen and Kathy work with the rural poor in agriculture and the urban vulnerable who have often started life on the wrong side of the tracks. They give them hope by providing for practical needs and sharing the gift of life that Christ offers.

What they love most about serving as international workers are the changes they see in a life when a person goes from “lost” to “found.” All are lost at one time, but many in their region are profoundly lost and the joy of new life as they come to Christ is incredible to witness.

The spiritual darkness that keeps the ones they love in chains is the most challenging aspect of being an international worker.


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