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Compassion in the Arabian Peninsula

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Project Description

In the Arabian Peninsula region of the world, one of the worst humanitarian crises has unfolded because of a proxy war, leading to millions of internally displaced people (IDP) and a significant influx of refugees into a North African nation. Through the Compassion in the Arabian Peninsula project, wholistic care is being provided to the above-mentioned refugees while the local church is developed and strengthened.

Through support for this project:
• At-risk children are able to access inclusive learning opportunities, giving them hope for a future and resilience in the face of trauma.
• Food basket distribution is taking place in order to reduce loss of life due to malnutrition allowing caregivers to look after other needs like health care and education.
• Local leaders are identified, developed and empowered to lead the local church.

The team desires to see local believers receive support so they can in turn share the love of Jesus that would lead to transforming faith communities in their context.