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International Workers
Latin America

Current Priorities

The first thing we will be doing up until we depart will be fundraising. We will also be preparing to leave in packing up our house. When we arrive we will be starting off with language learning, connecting with a booster family, and interacting with both the international workers and local workers to get a glimpse of what international work will look like.

Least-Reached People Group


We hope to see the Lord at work in our lives opening our eyes to what He is doing in His Kingdom. We hope to see our place in His Kingdom whether that be back at home or abroad. We are hoping this experience will open our eyes to where God wants us to be in the coming years.


We both accepted Christ at a young age and our relationship with Christ has continued to grow stronger. I (Austin) have felt called to missions since about grade 10 and it has continued to grow within me since then. It all came to a peak for both of us a couple of years ago when Ray and Cindy came up to Grande Prairie Alliance Church and spoke about the internship and apprenticeship program in Mexico City. My wife and I were very excited to do this and have been praying about it since then. The Lord has provided a way for us to start our mission journey with this 8-month internship and we are very excited about it!


Thank you for supporting us in our desire to follow where the Lord is calling us. We really appreciate all that you do to support us.

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Prayer Requests

Pray for the Lord’s peace, provision, and wisdom.