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Alan and Joan Yin

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International Workers

Current Priorities

Connect with different churches to share mission stories and needs; encourage and mobilize churches to love and support mission in prayers and gifts.

Ministry, family, and personal transitions, including housing arrangements.

Connect with Japanese ministry leaders from time to time, discussing ministry plans.

Learning the Japanese language and culture, preparing to face unknown and unexpected challenges.


Least-Reached People Group

Chinese Diaspora


While ministering in an existing church in Fukuoka, Japan, they’ll also facilitate future church planting.

Living in an unfamiliar and challenging environment, they are prayerfully looking for new opportunities to share Jesus and make disciples. Whenever possible, they will establish many partnerships (overseas), including praying, giving, facilitating short-term missions, summer camps and disciple-making.


Alan and Joan became Christians together in the United States. Since then, their lives have been changed and blessed through continued walking with Christ. Later, Alan was greatly influenced by Charles Finney and Sadhu Sundar Singh, two of the most vibrant Christian missionaries. Their dedication to Christ and their love for mission deeply touched his life. Subsequently, he received several visions and dreams to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Alan resigned from his long-time Motorola engineering job and went to Moody Bible Institute for his MDiv degree.

Instead of retiring, as many couples would at their age, they have decided to give this part of their lives to the glory of the Gospel. With the current wave of global immigration, the diaspora mandarin Chinese is in huge need, but there are few workers.

Thankfully, through the support of Global Ministries and the CCACA, they can go to Japan as partially funded international workers. They have two lovely daughters, who are fully supporting them for this mission journey.


To sign up for our prayer letter, contact [email protected] We are so thankful for many who support us through prayer.

Prayer Requests

Pray that God would show them the people he is drawing near to, grant them favour as they pursue relationships with them, and anoint them with boldness to engage in intentional conversations to present the Good News to them.

Pray that they would pursue all possible means to multiply disciples through many avenues.

Pray that they would be great faith and strength to complete the missional tasks that Jesus has given us and that we would do so with great humility and wisdom.