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We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called Serbians.  You can learn more about Serbians by visiting our LRPG page.



It is our vision that our personal lives, as well as the lives God touches through different ministries, will be the fountain that will water the dry, spiritual ground of Serbia – touching one life at a time.

Danny and Vera were both born, raised, and married in Serbia. During their first year of marriage, they immigrated to Canada; all four of their children are Canadian citizens. Sara and Tamara live in Canada with their families, and Filip and Amenda live in Serbia with their families.

Although Danny and Vera were raised as Christians, they experienced a spiritual renewal during their first years of living in Canada. It was during this time that they felt God calling them to return to their homeland with the intention of sharing the Gospel. They left their business in Canada behind and returned to Serbia in 1986.

Civil wars have split the country of Yugoslavia, forcing them to stay in the region of Serbia, where they speak the language and know the culture. Unrest and war have given them many opportunities to help and serve in practical ways, including talking to thousands of people about Jesus.

The fruit of the Kuranjis’ ministry is bountiful. They have led refugees, people living in poverty, and those without hope to Jesus. Their church plant, Christian Fellowship, has birthed other daughter churches.

They also minister to the terminally ill and their families, a ministry that has opened many opportunities to touch individuals and families. The Kuranjis also run successful rehab centres for men and women who are addicted to drugs.

What the Kuranjis love most about being international workers is seeing lives changed; a life of ministry excites them despite any challenge that they might face. Although there are difficulties, the price they pay seems so small compared to final results: making a difference.


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 They appreciate all who pray and support, and they fully trust God to provide for all that he leads them into.

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