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June 11, 2024 | < 1
The Alliance Canada


In our increasingly complicated world and with an effort to bring the good news to unreached people in places where regular international workers cannot go, and visas are not available, On Mission Volume 8 decided to focus on the strategy of international community development. This book intends to feature some case studies of development projects with at least a decade of history. These workers have figured things out and are making a positive difference around the world today. 

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The Alliance Canada

The Alliance Canada is people in churches sharing the love, truth, and hope of the Gospel with people worldwide who may never have heard the name “Jesus” before.
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The Global Advance Fund (GAF) is a pooled fund that supports our workers in Canada and around the world to share the Gospel with people who haven't yet heard the name of Jesus. Your continued generosity equips and sustains our workers and their ministry.



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