A Journey Through The Alliance Vision Prayer | Week 6

June 20, 2022 | 9 minute read
The Alliance Canada

Week 6: A Journey Through the Alliance Vision Prayer

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Week 6

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O God, with all our hearts, we long for you. Come, transform us to be Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused people, multiplying disciples everywhere.

Day 1

Bible Readings:

Genesis 12:13; Psalm 67; Romans 15:1422

Reflection Questions:

  • How has God blessed you and made his face to shine on you?
  • How has God called you to be a blessing to the world, that all the people would praise him?
  • How are you personally partnering with the ambition God has given The Alliance to preach the Gospel where Christ is not known?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That God would bless our Alliance family and use us as a blessing to the world.
  • That we would always long to do everything we can to share the Gospel, and that we would have the perseverance to do this when it’s hard.
  • That Christ would accomplish great things, through our international workers and Kazakh believers, in leading the Japanese to obey God by what they say and do.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how do you want to multiply the blessings you have given to me so that the greatest number of people would love you in the greatest possible way?


Dominated by atheism, Buddhism, and Shintoism, evangelical Christianity represents only 0.5% of the Japanese population. Despite 500 years of Christian presence in Japan, Christianity is regarded as a foreign religion. Over 1,000 cities and half of all the villages have no church. With 126 million, Japan is the largest unevangelized country entirely open to missionaries.

Japan faces many crises. Young people lack hope or confidence in the future; because of this, Japan has a suicide epidemic (over 30,000 per year). High suicide and divorce rates in all age groups confirm the crisis. Economic decline, social isolation, and the constant threats of earthquakes leave many people open to spiritual matters.

Pray with us:

Heavenly Father, would you bless the Japanese with hearts that are open to Jesus. Soften their hearts and let the seeds of the Gospel begin to germinate. We speak life over the people and come against the spirit of death that robs them of hope and eternity with Jesus.

May they hear your voice to them today, to “Come alive!” Penetrate every barrier raised against the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Increase your Kingdom among Japanese and help them hear the ‘old message’ with new ears and renewed hope.

“For the idols speak delusion; the diviners envision lies and tell false dreams; they comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; they are in trouble because there is no shepherd” (Zechariah 10:2). Awaken the Japanese from idolatry and bless them with shepherds after your own heart. Amen.

A Japanese Pagoda with cherry blossoms all around.

Day 2

Bible Readings:

Genesis 18:1633; Ezekiel 22:30; Acts 16:610

Reflection Questions:

  • Are you willing to stand like Abraham in a place of intercession on behalf of those in danger of judgment?
  • How have you seen the Spirit opening and closing doors to show you the people you are called to reach?
  • Are you prepared to get ready at once and respond to God’s call to join him?
  • How is God stirring your heart for the lost?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That God would show us the people he calls us to go to.
  • That the Spirit would close doors as needed to focus our missional efforts on the places he has prepared.
  • That God would help us stand in the gap in compassionate intercession for the lost.
  • That God would prophetically raise workers to go to the Kazakh Uyghurs and share the Gospel with them.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how do you want to grow my love for people and focus on reaching them with the Gospel?
  • In what ways has my focus been diverted from the mission you have called me to join you in?

Kazakh Uyghurs:

The Kazakh Uyghurs live in the world’s largest landlocked country. They border on Russia, ‘the Stans,’ and the western edge of China.

300,000 Uyghurs live in Kazakhstan—most can trace their roots to an immigration wave before the 1960s. They mainly speak Russian and practice Islam. Some may speak the Uyghur language to older family members. Only 0.01% are Christians. One factor that prevents the spread of Christianity is the perception that it is a religion for only the West. Praise God that there are six known Uyghur fellowships in Kazakhstan, ranging from 5 to 30 members.

An estimated 2,000 Kazakh Uyghurs live in Canada.

Pray with us:

Lord, will you come with your light and illuminate the pathway to God. Lift the Kazakh Uyghurs from the thick darkness, covering the people. “And he will destroy on this mountain the surface of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations” (Isaiah 25:7). Bless the Kazakh Uyghurs with open heavens and clarity that they might behold their God, Yahweh, the Creator of humanity. Amen.

A shepherd drives a large flock of sheep in a field. The background is tall mountains against a cloudy sky..

Day 3

Bible Readings:

Jonah 4:111; Luke 15:110

Reflection Questions:

  • How would you compare your level of concern for your comfort and well-being with your level of respect for those who are far from Christ?
  • Does your focus on mission compel you to search for the lost and intentionally pursue their rescue carefully?
  • Are you overjoyed when a new believer comes to faith in Christ? How is your life focused on helping this happen as often as possible?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That our hearts would be tender and compassionate towards those far from Christ.
  • That the fruit of our mission would be much rejoicing in Heaven over the many sinners who repent.
  • That, as The Alliance, we would not give up in our pursuit of the Yemeni Refugee Diaspora, but that we would search carefully and pursue every possible option until they embrace Christ.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how can I join you in your careful search of those you are pursuing?

Yemeni Refugee Diaspora:

Over the years, the Yemeni diaspora has settled in Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA, Egypt, Djibouti, Somalia, UAE, and other Gulf countries. More Yemenis have found refuge in places like Egypt, Djibouti, and Somalia, with a larger influx of those leaving in recent years.

Away from the influence of their homeland, it is easier for the Yemeni diaspora to become followers of Christ, and there is a growing number of seekers.

However, there are very few intentional workers among them. Though less than 1% are believers, there are several informal house church groups. Some have also joined local churches in the countries where they are scattered.

Pray with us:

Father, you are the Shepherd of the Yemenis. As many have fled Yemen and settled in other nations, may they know the tender voice of the Shepherd who leads them beside green pastures and still waters. Where the enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy, we bless them with the protection of their Shepherd God, who gives them abundant life. We bless Yemenis with knowing the voice of their Shepherd God, who leads them on the right paths.

Thank you for calling Yemeni believers to yourself. We bless them as they grow in the knowledge of the Lord. May they also grow in perseverance as they follow you, Jesus. We bless them with the joy of the Lord as their strength. Father, would you enable them by your Spirit to bear witness for Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Yemeni woman covers her face.

Day 4

Bible Readings:

Isaiah 61:14; Luke 4:1430; 1 John 3:8

Reflection Questions:

  • How are you partnering with Jesus in his Spirit-empowered mission to share Good News?
  • Who are the oppressed that God has put on your heart to serve in the power of the Spirit?
  • Are you only focused on reaching your hometown, or are you partnering to reach those from other places as well?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That we would have eyes to see the broken hearts of those around us and compassion to reach out with the healing presence of Jesus.
  • That God would give us his passion to reach those both far and near with the Gospel of Jesus and that our focus would be firmly set on fulfilling his mission.
  • That God would help us to partner with him in destroying the works of the devil.
  • That God would transform the Rohingya and that they would know him.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how can I join you in your mission to rebuild ancient ruins and restore places long devastated?


There are at least 2 to 2.5 million people in the Rohingya—of which less than 20% still live inside Myanmar.

The rest have left the country and gone abroad. Over 700,000 Rohingya have settled in large refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Even though most Rohingya are Muslims, there is growing receptivity to the Gospel. Rohingya Christians are still less than 1% of the population. Yet, it is encouraging to know that there is a small number of secret fellowships in the camps.

Approximately 2,000-3,000 Rohingya live in Canada, many in the Kitchener-Waterloo, ON area.

Pray with us:

Father, we pray that you would bless the Rohingya with a new name—their God-given identity.

They are no longer forsaken, forgotten, or rejected. They are made in your image, and we declare that they are the beloved, seen by you, and chosen to know the Saviour.

We ask you to bless them with vigilant, vibrant, and caring Christian communities around them in Waterloo and everywhere they have had to relocate to.

As you have added to the number of believers, would you add to them the deepening love and understanding of your ways? Amen.

Two women walking on a dirt road inside a refugee camp.

Day 5

Bible Readings:

Jeremiah 1:410; Acts 13:112

Reflection Questions:

  • Do you believe that God set you apart from before you were born to join him in his mission? How has he called you to participate?
  • Are you in a group that regularly gathers to worship the Lord and fast? How is God calling your community of faith to join him?
  • How has the filling of the Spirit in your life given you the courage to confront evil and set the captives free?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That God would raise more workers.
  • That all of us would hear God’s call for our lives and join him wherever he has placed us.
  • That the workers among the Spaniards would, with the authority of Christ, bring healing and transformation to Spaniards.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, how can I partner with you today in bringing light to the darkness?
  • Do you have any special assignments for me today?


Roman Catholicism is the main religion of the over 47 million Spaniards, but there are rapidly rising levels of secularization. Atheism and Islam are the fastest-growing belief systems. Receptivity to the Gospel has been very low, and less than 1% of Spaniards are evangelical Christians. Ten million Spaniards live in towns without any evangelical presence.

Praise God there are 28 Alliance churches and fellowships in Spain. Two of them have between 100 and 200 members; the rest vary between 20 and 100. Most local fellowships meet in warehouse spaces, storefronts, and homes. Unlike much of Europe, the Protestant Reformation did not penetrate Spain due to the Inquisition. The Moors (Muslim inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula) ruled Spain for 800 years, leaving a lasting impact on language, architecture, education, crops, and cuisine.

Pray with us:

Heavenly Father, bless Spain by increasing the number of faithful workers. As your workers make disciples who disciple, would you add to the numbers of those being saved? We pray that the people of Spain would recognize and acknowledge the King of Glory.

Open the gates of the cities, the businesses, the homes, and the hearts of Spaniards. King of Glory, come, bless, and draw the people to you. We pray the people of Spain would recognize their King, The King of Glory, Jesus! Amen.

Spanish women dancing.

Day 6

Bible Reading:

Acts 5:1742

Reflection Questions:

  • If an angel asked you to tell someone “the full message of this new life.” how would you describe it? How has your new life in Christ transformed you?
  • Is your experience of the fullness of life in Christ so rich that you would rejoice to be counted worthy of suffering disgrace for his name? What might it look like for you to experience the joy of Jesus more fully?
  • The apostles considered their witness about Christ an act of obedience. What act of obedience is God asking from you?

Prayer Prompts:

  • That our mission-focused vision would be fueled by our fulsome experience of our new life in Christ.
  • That the greatest joy of our lives would be introducing people to Jesus, even when it comes at a cost to us.
  • That all attempts to stop the Gospel from spreading among the people groups we’ve prayed for this week (Japanese, Kazakh Uyghurs, Yemeni Refugee Diaspora, Rohingya, Spaniards) would be thwarted because God is fighting for their salvation.

Listening Prayer:

  • Jesus, what is one aspect of the new life you have given me that I could share with someone this week?




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