21 Days of Prayer | Day 5: Chinese Diaspora in Mexico

February 5, 2024 | < 1
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Chinese Diaspora in Mexico

The Han Chinese are the world’s largest ethnic group, and although the majority live in mainland China, significant populations are reported in 62 countries worldwide. Less than 2% of the Chinese diaspora in Mexico are Christian.

Thankfully there is some receptivity to the Gospel. The Joshua Project reports that there are about 1,268,000 Chinese that call Canada home, and about 8% of them are evangelical Christians. Most Chinese are either atheist or Buddhist.


Jesus, we thank you that when you were on earth, you journeyed through all the towns and villages, teaching, proclaiming the good news, and healing people. Would you send your Spirit to every village, town, and city the Chinese call home and draw them onto the narrow path towards you.

We bless the Chinese to come to know you as saviour. We pray for the blessing of surrender for those on the journey towards you. Lord, bless them by sending workers to proclaim the good news to the Chinese wherever they live. Amen.


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