21 Days of Prayer | Day 4: Kurds

February 4, 2024 | < 1
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The traditional homeland of Kurds spreads across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. With a worldwide population estimated between 30 – 45 million people, the Kurds are the largest people group in the world without a state. They have a popular saying that “the Kurds have no friends but the mountains.”

Kurds are somewhat receptive to the Gospel, yet only about 1% are Christian; most are Muslim. They are known as being tremendously hospitable and friendly. They have vibrant traditions of telling stories through songs. Kurds are also known to be fiercely independent and patriotic. Their society is strongly communal and is arranged according to tribes.

Many Kurds seek a better life in western Europe, North America, and Australia. About 7,400 live in Canada.


Heavenly Father, we pray that Kurds would receive the friendship of God and know Jesus. Bless them by giving them faithful Christian friends and continue to grant them revelations of Jesus in miraculous ways. We pray Hosea 2:23 over them that you would call them your people and be their God.

Bless them to discern what is true and be dissatisfied with anything false.

May Kurds come to be your people and spread your fame. Bless them by meeting them in their needs, as they call upon you for help. Amen.


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