21 Days of Prayer | Day 2: Yazidi

February 2, 2024 | < 1
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Yazidi people


Although most of the 700,000 Yazidis live in the Middle East, Canada hosts a small population of about 1,500. The Yazidi practice Yazidism, a monotheistic ethnic religion that includes elements common to other faiths, like baptism, fasting, a holy pilgrimage site, and a spring holiday where they decorate eggs. Less than 0.25% of the Yazidi people would consider themselves Christian; however, there is some openness to the Gospel among younger people.

There is a three-level caste system in the Yazidi society, with many dialects across the locations and the castes. Marriages are usually arranged by their parents and kept within the same caste. However, a couple can secretly elope to get around this. Yazidis are incredibly hospitable. They have a unique style of music and dancing, and they love to dance!


Living God, we were made for your courts. Father, we bless the Yazidi people with souls that long for your presence, with hearts and flesh that cry out for you, the only true God. We pray that their souls would long after you like the deer pants for water. Would your Spirit awaken their hearts to their need for you? We pray that the Yazidi people would discover that you are the only One who can fully satisfy their hunger and give them the fullness of life. Please grant them a deep desire to know you more. We bless them with the discovery that you are close to them and accessible. Amen.


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