21 Days of Prayer | Day 10: Minnan

February 10, 2024 | < 1
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Worldwide there are 58.2 million Minnan. 13.4 million Minnan call Taiwan home. The majority religion of Minnan is a mix of Taoism, Buddhism, folk religion, and ancestor worship. Evangelical Christians make up 3.7%. Many Minnan believe that all religions are the same. They are reluctant to follow Jesus if it means forsaking ancestor worship because filial piety is central to Taiwanese culture.

The Taiwanese work very long hours. They prioritize education for their children, and most elementary school students go to cram schools after school.

Approximately 14,000 Minnan Chinese live in Canada. Pray God would work in the hearts of the Minnan living both here and abroad!


Our Lord, you are the one who opened blind eyes. Would you bless Minnan people with the awareness that what they long for in the depths of their being are you and your salvation? Grant them sight to see you. Open their spiritual eyes to envision God’s plan for their lives and see themselves as worshipers of the One true God.

Show them the risen Jesus in all his glory. Light of the world, break through the darkness, causing every lie to fall, and bless them with visions and dreams of the Saviour of the world. May all praise, honour, and glory be to you! Amen.


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