The Jaffray Offering

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Partner with us to train 167 church planters in South Asia

The Jaffray Offering is our annual missions focus to preach the Gospel where Jesus isn't yet known.

Partner with us to share the Gospel in

South Asia

The Jaffray Offering

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The Jaffray Offering is our annual missions focus, raising focused funding to go to places where few or none have heard of Jesus.


94% unreached

Over 1.7 billion people in South Asia have never heard the Gospel; they haven't seen a Bible, stepped into a church, or know a Christian. This region is a mission field the size of which this generation has never seen—and it’s still growing by nearly the population of Canada every single year.

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The Jaffray Offering

South Asia is comprised of eight countries, 1.8 Billion people, and 3,677 least-reached people groups. It's the largest concentration of people groups in the world who haven't heard of Jesus yet.


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least-reached people groups


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Who is Robert Jaffray?

The Jaffray Project is an opportunity to partner with and highlight missions in places that don't yet know Jesus.


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We are raising funds to equip and support indigenous church planters as they reach their communities for Christ, raise up more leaders, and grow an ever-expanding movement of the Gospel.