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Project Description

The goal of the Word of Life for ‘You’ project is to see the complete Bible available in the You language and for all ‘You’ to be able to freely access it online, in both print and audio form. The translation project has been underway for over ten years and the New Testament was completed years ago but the Old Testament is still in progress. It still needs a considerable amount of work and once it is complete the NT will also need to be revised.

Many ‘You’s’ are illiterate and audio/video is a more appropriate way for them to access the Word. The Word is being translated and then published in written form and as audio files. Further work is being made in dubbing existing media resources into the ‘You’ language (e.g. gospel videos).

The ‘You’ texts are being placed online so that they can be accessed all over the area and so that those without access to paper distribution can read the Word on their phones. It is also important that streaming audio be made available so that locals are can avoid having sensitive materials on their phone.