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As Travis and Erin are in the early stages of their ministry, you can partner with them through prayer. In the future, there will be opportunities to give to approved specials and participate in short-term teams.


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Sharing God’s love through business.


Travis and Erin both grew up in Alberta and met while working for a non-profit in Calgary. After some time living in Africa and expecting their first child, Travis and Erin moved to Revelstoke, BC.

Travis grew up in rural northern Alberta with his parents and an older brother. They cleared and ploughed three quarter-sections of land to establish a cattle ranch. In addition to outside jobs and steady farm work, his parents also helped to plant a church in the local community.

Beginning as a child, Travis always prayed and asked for guidance, and as a teenager, he accepted Christ. His journey as a believer has not been simple or straightforward, but it has left him with a level of humility that allows him to connect with others who are on a journey to know Christ.

Having a relationship with Jesus has been an integral part of Erin’s upbringing, and she cannot remember a time when His presence has not been a part of her life. She committed her life to Christ at an early age but waited until she was 18 to make a public confession. This began a journey of discovery and rediscovering Christ in new ways as she matured throughout her twenties.

Travis has always had a desire to serve others and continues to be inspired by Christ’s ministry to the poor. Most of his early career was in community development, which he felt called to, but he found a new level of passion for this field when he served with a Christian organization in Sierra Leone.

God planted missions in Erin’s heart at a young age and has been growing and developing this desire for some time. Each experience overseas has deepened her relationship with Him, refined her beliefs, and taught her about trust and reliance. At Revelstoke Alliance Church, God started nudging them towards serving as international workers (IW).

Their time between being called and departing was busy and challenging. It was a time when they had to trust in Him to carry them through. Looking back now, they can see how He took care of their entire family.

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