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Project Description

This fund supports the work of our charity hospital located in an impoverished area of the country and is one of three buildings that bears the cross in an otherwise lost city.  The hospital exists to heal the sick and to tangibly express the love of God.

The Sandbox Medical Project supports the work of the hospital, particularly the work of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the development of the pediatric department and the on-going work and ministry of our personnel. As well, this fund can help subsidize care for select patients who cannot afford it. It also supports the work of our Nursing School, located on the hospital campus, to train Christian nurses to provide excellent and compassionate care.

Our desire is to serve the poor. By meeting their physical needs and providing good medical care at reasonable cost, people will not have to travel into the major city where travel and health care expenses are beyond their means. The vision is that those in need will experience the love of Christ through the loving hands of the Christian doctors, desiring to see people come to faith in Christ as a result of showing the love of Christ through medicine delivered with God’s love and compassion.