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International Workers

Current Priorities

Pre-evangelism/evangelism through Business as Missions (BAM) is our focus. Riley works through an corporation and privately, as contracting yields greater opportunities for kingdom conversations. Bronwyn is involved with women and refugees from other LRPGs. Discipleship is part of both our ministries. God seems to be saying there is “more” in the years ahead.

Least-Reached People Group

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s in the Silk Road.


To live lives of integrity where our every day ordinary is continuously filled with awesome works of the Spirit that lift up Jesus so that people will be drawn to the love and grace of the Father. John 12:32.


Riley is born to Alliance missionary parents in Asian Spice and learned to love Jesus early. He was called into ministry in high school and during a trip back “home to Asian Spice” as a junior in college, he heard God’s direction to return as a worker.

Bronwyn is born and raised in Canada but knew little of Jesus and nothing of ministry until college.  As a freshman, she committed her life to serving Jesus in missions. She wanted to serve in Desert Sand, but after a summer missions experience, she knew she would not return to Africa. Then she met Riley.

They married after graduation and spent five years in pastoral ministries. In 1988, they departed for Asian Spice to minister to Muslims. Due to security issues following 9/11, they re-deployed to the Silk Road. They have now ministered to Muslims for 29 years. Riley and Bronwyn together have three adult children, one son-in-law, and one grandson.


To sign up for our prayer letter, please contact Tammy Nelson at: [email protected].

Prayer Requests

Pray for P.O.W.E.R. in our own lives.

P – that we will first & foremost PRAISE and PRAY
O – that we will immediately OBEY whatever the Spirit says
W – that our WILLS and attitudes will be submitted and pleasing to Jesus.
E – that our EGOS will diminish and we will be clothed with humility.
R – that our RESOURCES: time, energy & money will be spent in ways that honor the Father, that our RELATIONSHIP with each other will reflect the love within the God-head and that we will build RELATIONSHIPS with locals that are hungering to worship God in spirit and truth.

Pray for the people in this country to be hungry for Jesus.  Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a land that is cloaked in darkness, trapped in lies and seeking solutions in worldly wealth.