New Eden Bible School

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Project Description

The New Eden Bible School has been established to equip and empower young emerging leaders whom God has called to shepherd His church within Cambodia. Given the relative youth of the established national church and the loss of educated leaders, the Khmer Evangelical Church (KEC) lacks trained leaders who can effectively pastor churches throughout the country. Despite their diminished leadership force, the KEC has a vision to also reach the least-reached peoples within their borders, such as the Kui, the Cham and the Vietnamese immigrant population.

Through scholarships, this project aims to train those identified by local churches to receive higher level, focused training in Bible and theology along with ministry and church planting skills. In addition, students learn marketable skills which can be used to sustain a livelihood. The desired goal is to see young leaders released to serve bi-vocationally in churches across Cambodia.

Thank you for your partnership to raise up young leaders to serve the church in Cambodia.