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Marwan and Inge

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International Workers

Current Priorities

We plan to train leaders in a Middle Eastern country and continue to help in setting up a new field in the Middle East within the next year, networking with others as God opens doors. This year we look forward to discipling and counseling others in our home and abroad.

Least-Reached People Group

We work with the persecuted church in the Middle East and Europe.


We long to see the local church strengthened, walking in freedom to God’s glory by coming along leaders through discipleship/counseling enabling them to reach the least reached all around them. As we network with others we hope to strategically work for the furtherance of God’s kingdom.


Marwan came to know Christ in England while studying and directly started reaching out to others while Inge accepted the Lord as a child and had a call to missions at 12. They married and lived in Canada till they and their four children moved to Jordan in 1996, working through the local church. After seminary and training in counseling they continued mentoring believers from the Middle East, mainly those who are in leadership among their own people, providing discipleship and counseling through hosting people in their home as well as traveling to provide needed training. By networking with others and membership on the boards of like-minded organizations, they hope to see God glorified. In the great upheaval of governments and nations in their region, they want to take advantage of the opportunities to work while they can, aligning themselves with God’s purposes. He is still in control.


We are so thankful for many that support us through prayer.

Prayer Requests

Pray for faithful, spiritually healthy believers and leaders in the Middle East and Europe despite persecution and pressure from the world so that the local church will be viable and thrive.

Pray for the needed stamina, flexibility and health to travel to provide discipleship and hospitality as we hear many sad stories in our work.

Pray for more workers in the harvest fields that are white for harvest to come over and help us.