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Project Description

In a local context with religious tension and poverty, the Love One Another ministry seeks to bring well-being and healing through a variety of community programs. The goal is to empower the community in sustainable ways. ‘Showing others how’ is a core principal. This project also assists national colleagues with both an ongoing source of income and opportunities to be involved in the lives of unbelievers through holistic ministry. Meeting peoples’ felt needs also opens peoples’ hearts to their spiritual needs.

Through your partnership in this project it will:

  • help the foundation’s staff provide clean water seminars in impoverished communities
  • sponsor a local worker to attend a training and spiritual refreshment retreat
  • pay for one month of costs for a local Bible School student’s internship with the Love One Another Foundation
  • provide uniforms, snacks, books, and staff salaries for the preschool they have running
  • sponsor students to attend an interfaith dialogue where they will learn about principles of peace and learn to communicate the gospel message in meaningful ways