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The Global Ministries Japan team exists to foster the multiplication of fellowships of multiplying incarnational disciples of Christ in Japan, giving glory to God through our lives, relationships, and ministries.

Laura grew up in a Christian home in Central Saskatchewan and at age 12, attended a youth retreat where, for the first time, she realized her need for a personal relationship with God. During university, she struggled with depression and social anxiety.

During one of her darkest times, God gave Laura a vision of herself surrounded by a black ball of chaos and confusion, but God’s hands were visible and surrounding her and the ball of chaos. She couldn’t see God’s hands through the chaos, but God showed her the whole picture—that He had her in His hands.

Even though she couldn’t feel God’s presence, peace, or hope during her darkest days of depression, she still knew by faith that He was there. An important verse for Laura is 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

When Laura was 12, two international workers (IW) visited her church. At the end of their presentation, they asked if anyone had felt a call from God to go overseas. This was the first time that she recognized God’s call on her life to do overseas ministry.

During university, Laura felt inadequate as to what she could do overseas for God. She later felt the Holy Spirit leading her to simply go and love others. Through her God-given giftedness and passion for teaching English, He provided the means for her to go and demonstrate His love to others overseas.

Laura began her overseas experience with an internship in Guinea. Following another year of university, she had an apprenticeship in North Africa. Laura spent two years teaching English and relationship building in Taiwan before her transition to Tokyo in 2014.

Laura now lives and works in Central Tokyo, building relationships with mostly young, professional women.

Laura’s mission is to establish and build relationships as the Holy Spirit leads her through her position as an English teacher, through her communal living situation, and her community involvement. She works in cooperation with the rest of the Tokyo team to reach the city for Christ one relationship at a time through Spirit-lead conversations, connections, and relationship building.

What Laura loves most about being an international worker is the adventure of living in a different culture and seeing God supernaturally work in the lives of her friends.

The greatest challenge Laura faces is the privacy of Japanese people, which makes it difficult for people to trust and to share their personal lives. Language also continues to be a challenge.


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