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Kristi Hopf

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Sand Region

Current Priorities

We long to see missional communities of Fulani and Tuareg transformed by the fullness of Christ.

Least-Reached People Group

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called the Western Fulani.  You can learn more about the Western Fulani by visiting our LRPG page.


Kristi’s ministry is two-fold within the team mission to manifest the love of Jesus in holistic ministry: facilitating new ventures this term in health training, agriculture projects, and savings programs; helping the Fulani to thrive and become self-sustaining. Kristi is praying for open hearts to start Bible story groups: expanding from the current one group to add three more.


Kristi grew up in a Christian home and attended church. At the age of nine, she gave her life to the Lord. Since she was a child, Kristi felt called to work in missions. She attended Prairie Bible College after high school and received her bachelor of religious education.

During her time at Prairie Bible College, she signed what a mission’s conference speaker spoke of as a “blank page”—signing her name at the bottom of a blank page on which God would write His plan for her life. During a short-term trip to Mexico, God used their compassion ministry in a village closed to the Gospel to break her heart and call her to work both among a people group closed to the Gospel and to use His given passion for development as a ministry. The country of Niger, and work amongst the Fulani, is the answer to this call.


To sign up for my prayer letter, please write me at: and provide me with a brief note of who you are and which church you attend. You can also visit my blog at

Prayer Requests

Pray that the unplowed ground of the Fulani hearts would be broken up—that the Fulani would plant seeds of righteousness and not seeds of evil in their hearts…that God would come and shower righteousness upon them. (Hosea 10:11–13)

Pray that the Spirit of the Lord would speak the Good News to these the poor and that He would proclaim liberty for those captive in their fear to their culture and religion. (Isaiah 61:1–3)

Pray that the seed of truth which has fallen on fertile ground of a few hearts would yield 100-fold! (Matthew 13:23)

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