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International Workers
Silk Region

Current Priorities

The first 2 of my four-year term will be dedicated to language study. However, there will be opportunities to engage in maternal and child health initiatives, especially as my language abilities increase. During this time, I will also be looking into partnerships for longer-term projects in the region after language study.


Least-Reached People Group

Coming Soon!


My vision is for people to experience the healing power of Jesus, physically, mentally and spiritually. I long for people to break free from the pervasive hopelessness so many feel and to have their hope restored through Jesus.



I came to faith at a young age but started to make it my own in middle school. I have always dreamed of working internationally as a teacher. However, on an exchange trip in high school, God led me to pursue international aid and development. Little did I know that partway through my program, he would call me to go into nursing afterwards. Through my studies in university, I developed a passion for social justice and a heart for the Middle East. After completing an Apprenticeship in the region, God further confirmed this call. God has placed in my heart a desire to come alongside people who have been displaced or affected by conflict and due to various reasons, feel unseen, overlooked, or forgotten.


If you’d like to partner with me email me at: [email protected]

Prayer Requests

  1. Language study: Pray for good focus and friendships to develop as I tackle a new language
  2. Pray for a deepening of old and new relationships
  3. Pray for bridges to be built between different groups